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More than 15 years of production capacity and experience in export products

Our company has more than 15 years of OEM production and export experience. Our main products are Aluminum Cam Tool Box, Caulking gun, Water Pump, Fule Pump, Instrument and Device for Vehicle Maintenance and Repair and Hardware Tools.We have excellent staff, advanced technical support, well equipment and the managerial staff with rich management experience also has the spirit of craftsman. Strict management of enterprises is the rationale for company continues to grow, products to win user dependence. “Safety, reliable, professional” are our spirit and aim of production and service.
For more than 15 years, the factory do the OEM production for North America and Europe famous brands customers. As China Folding Tool Box manufacturers and OEM Folding Tool Box factory, Our products and services by the vast number of customer recognition and praise. We have our own factory and also we have strong purchasing capability.Our company has the ability for customers from all over the world, We also Set production, sales, research and development, trade, quality control services. We are small company,we do a good job of the Secretary for products,at the same time the quality of service is the way to survive forever.
Corporate culture: Innovation, Creativity, Responsibility, Altruism.

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What is Folding Tool Box

A Folding Tool Box is a type of storage box that is designed to hold tools and other small items. It is called a "folding" tool box because it can be collapsed or folded down for easy storage and transport.

Typically, folding tool boxes are made from durable materials such as plastic, metal, or a combination of both. They usually have several compartments or drawers that are used to organize tools and other items. Some folding tool boxes may also have additional features such as wheels or a handle for easy transport.

Folding tool boxes are popular among professionals such as mechanics, electricians, and plumbers, as well as DIY enthusiasts and homeowners who want to keep their tools organized and easily accessible. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to suit different needs and preferences.

How to Use Folding Tool Box

Using a folding tool box is fairly straightforward, and the exact steps may vary depending on the specific model you have. However, here are some general tips on how to use a folding tool box:

Assemble the tool box if necessary: If your folding tool box comes in pieces, you may need to assemble it before use. Follow the instructions provided with the tool box to put it together properly.

Organize your tools: Determine what tools you need to store in the folding tool box and organize them by type or frequency of use. This will help you determine how to arrange them in the compartments.

Arrange the tools in the compartments: Depending on the number and size of the compartments, arrange your tools so that they fit neatly and securely. Make sure that heavier items are placed at the bottom and lighter items on top to prevent the tool box from tipping over.

Secure the tool box: Once you have arranged your tools in the compartments, make sure to secure the tool box. This may involve latching or locking the compartments or securing the box with a strap or cord.

Transport the tool box: If you need to transport the tool box, make sure to lift it using the handles or designated areas for easy carrying. If your tool box has wheels, make sure to tilt it slightly and roll it to the desired location.

Store the tool box: When you are done using the tool box, fold it down and store it in a dry, secure location. This will help protect your tools and ensure that the tool box lasts for a long time.

Overall, using a folding tool box is a simple process that involves organizing your tools, arranging them in the compartments, and securing the box for transport or storage.