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More than 15 years of production capacity and experience in export products

Our company has more than 15 years of OEM production and export experience. Our main products are Aluminum Cam Tool Box, Caulking gun, Water Pump, Fule Pump, Instrument and Device for Vehicle Maintenance and Repair and Hardware Tools.We have excellent staff, advanced technical support, well equipment and the managerial staff with rich management experience also has the spirit of craftsman. Strict management of enterprises is the rationale for company continues to grow, products to win user dependence. “Safety, reliable, professional” are our spirit and aim of production and service.
For more than 15 years, the factory do the OEM production for North America and Europe famous brands customers. As China TUV Winch manufacturers and OEM TUV Winch factory, Our products and services by the vast number of customer recognition and praise. We have our own factory and also we have strong purchasing capability.Our company has the ability for customers from all over the world, We also Set production, sales, research and development, trade, quality control services. We are small company,we do a good job of the Secretary for products,at the same time the quality of service is the way to survive forever.
Corporate culture: Innovation, Creativity, Responsibility, Altruism.

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The use of TUV Winch

TUV is a safety certification organization that provides safety testing and certification services for a wide range of products, including winches. A TUV-certified winch is a winch that has undergone safety testing and certification by TUV and has been found to meet the organization's safety standards.

The use of a TUV-certified winch provides assurance that the winch has been rigorously tested and meets safety standards, which can be important in applications where safety is a concern. For example, in industrial applications where winches are used to lift heavy loads, a TUV-certified winch can provide assurance that the winch has been tested and is safe to use.

It's worth noting that TUV certification is not a legal requirement for winches in all jurisdictions, but it is a widely recognized and respected safety certification in many parts of the world. When selecting a winch for a specific application, it's important to consider the safety requirements and regulations that apply in your jurisdiction and choose a winch that meets those requirements.

How to choose TUV Winch?

When choosing a TUV-certified winch, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you select the right winch for your application. Here are some key considerations:

Load capacity: One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a winch is its load capacity. You need to choose a winch that has a load capacity that is sufficient for the weight of the load you need to lift or pull. The load capacity of a winch is typically indicated in pounds or kilograms.

Power source: Winches can be powered by electricity, hydraulics, or manually. You need to choose a winch that is powered by a source that is appropriate for your application. Electric winches are typically used for lighter loads, while hydraulic winches are used for heavier loads. Manual winches are often used in situations where a power source is not available.

Cable or rope: Winches can be equipped with either steel cable or synthetic rope. Steel cable is stronger and more durable, but it can also be heavier and more difficult to handle. Synthetic rope is lighter and easier to handle, but it may not be as durable as steel cable.

Mounting: Winches can be mounted in different ways, including on a vehicle bumper, on a trailer, or on a crane. You need to choose a winch that is compatible with the mounting location and method you plan to use.

TUV certification: Finally, when choosing a TUV-certified winch, make sure that the winch has been certified by TUV for the specific application you plan to use it for. TUV certification is specific to the type of winch and its intended application, so it's important to choose a winch that has been certified for your specific use case.

By considering these factors, you can choose a TUV-certified winch that is appropriate for your application and meets your safety and performance requirements.