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More than 15 years of production capacity and experience in export products

Our company has more than 15 years of OEM production and export experience. Our main products are Aluminum Cam Tool Box, Caulking gun, Water Pump, Fule Pump, Instrument and Device for Vehicle Maintenance and Repair and Hardware Tools.We have excellent staff, advanced technical support, well equipment and the managerial staff with rich management experience also has the spirit of craftsman. Strict management of enterprises is the rationale for company continues to grow, products to win user dependence. “Safety, reliable, professional” are our spirit and aim of production and service.
For more than 15 years, the factory do the OEM production for North America and Europe famous brands customers. As China Shop Crane manufacturers and OEM Shop Crane factory, Our products and services by the vast number of customer recognition and praise. We have our own factory and also we have strong purchasing capability.Our company has the ability for customers from all over the world, We also Set production, sales, research and development, trade, quality control services. We are small company,we do a good job of the Secretary for products,at the same time the quality of service is the way to survive forever.
Corporate culture: Innovation, Creativity, Responsibility, Altruism.

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What is Folding Shop Crane used for

A Folding Shop Crane is a piece of equipment used for lifting and moving heavy loads in a workshop, garage, or industrial setting. It is a portable crane that can be easily moved around and folded up for storage when not in use.

Folding Shop Cranes are commonly used for lifting and moving engines, machinery, and other heavy objects that are difficult to move manually. They can also be used for loading and unloading heavy items from trucks or trailers, as well as for positioning and holding objects in place while they are being worked on.

The folding design of a Folding Shop Crane makes it easy to store in a small space when not in use, which can be particularly useful in a small workshop or garage where space is at a premium. Additionally, many Folding Shop Cranes have adjustable legs or boom arms, which can be used to adapt the crane to different workspaces and lifting tasks.

Overall, a Folding Shop Crane is a versatile and portable tool that can make heavy lifting and moving tasks safer and more efficient in a workshop or industrial setting.

How do I properly maintain a Folding Shop Crane

Proper maintenance of a Folding Shop Crane is important to ensure that it operates safely and reliably. Here are some tips for maintaining your Folding Shop Crane:

Regular Inspection: Perform a visual inspection of your crane before and after each use. Look for signs of damage or wear, such as cracks, rust, or bent components. Check all nuts, bolts, and pins to make sure they are tight and secure.

Lubrication: Keep all moving parts lubricated with oil or grease to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation. Check the manufacturer's instructions for specific lubrication requirements.

Cleaning: Regularly clean your crane to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants that can cause damage or interfere with its operation. Use a mild detergent and water to clean the crane, and avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can scratch or damage the surface.

Storage: When not in use, store your crane in a dry, clean, and protected area. Avoid storing it in a damp or humid environment, as this can cause rust and corrosion.

Load Capacity: Do not exceed the crane's load capacity, as this can cause damage to the crane and potentially lead to accidents. Make sure that you understand the load capacity of your crane and only use it to lift loads that are within that capacity.

Replacement of Worn or Damaged Parts: If you notice any worn or damaged parts during your inspections, replace them promptly. Do not use a crane that has damaged or worn parts, as this can compromise its safety and performance.

Overall, proper maintenance of your Folding Shop Crane is essential to ensure that it operates safely and reliably. Follow these tips and consult the manufacturer's instructions for specific maintenance requirements to keep your crane in good condition.