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More than 15 years of production capacity and experience in export products

Our company has more than 15 years of OEM production and export experience. Our main products are Aluminum Cam Tool Box, Caulking gun, Water Pump, Fule Pump, Instrument and Device for Vehicle Maintenance and Repair and Hardware Tools.We have excellent staff, advanced technical support, well equipment and the managerial staff with rich management experience also has the spirit of craftsman. Strict management of enterprises is the rationale for company continues to grow, products to win user dependence. “Safety, reliable, professional” are our spirit and aim of production and service.
For more than 15 years, the factory do the OEM production for North America and Europe famous brands customers. As China Electric Water Pump manufacturers and OEM Electric Water Pump factory, Our products and services by the vast number of customer recognition and praise. We have our own factory and also we have strong purchasing capability.Our company has the ability for customers from all over the world, We also Set production, sales, research and development, trade, quality control services. We are small company,we do a good job of the Secretary for products,at the same time the quality of service is the way to survive forever.
Corporate culture: Innovation, Creativity, Responsibility, Altruism.

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What is an electric water pump

An electric water pump is a type of water pump that is powered by electricity rather than mechanical power from an engine or motor. It is typically used to circulate water in a closed loop system, such as in a hot water heating system or a cooling system for an engine or electronic device. Electric water pumps can also be used to transfer water from one location to another, such as pumping water from a well to a storage tank or distributing water in a garden or lawn irrigation system.

Electric water pumps come in different sizes and capacities, ranging from small pumps designed for domestic use to large industrial pumps capable of moving thousands of gallons of water per minute. They can be powered by either AC or DC electricity and may be equipped with features such as variable speed controls, automatic shut-off sensors, and overload protection.

Compared to traditional mechanical water pumps, electric water pumps are often more energy-efficient and require less maintenance. They are also quieter and can be easier to install, as they do not require a mechanical connection to an engine or motor.

How does an electric water pump work

An electric water pump works by using an electric motor to turn an impeller inside the pump housing, which creates a flow of water or other liquid. When the electric motor is turned on, it spins the impeller, which draws in water through an inlet port and pushes it out through a discharge port.

The impeller is typically designed with curved blades that create a centrifugal force, which pushes the water outward and increases its pressure. As the water flows through the pump, it may pass through various stages or chambers that further increase its pressure and flow rate.

Electric water pumps can be designed for a wide range of applications and may include additional features such as variable speed controls, automatic shut-off sensors, and overload protection. Some pumps may also include a housing or casing that helps to direct and control the flow of water.

The specific operation of an electric water pump may vary depending on the design and application of the pump. However, in general, electric water pumps are designed to be efficient, reliable, and easy to operate.